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Red Light Therapy Devices

Our Red Light Therapy Devices are all Australian made and guaranteed for 5 years. They also come in kits for horses and dogs which include a comprehensive guide developed by Dr Brian McLaren to assist in assessing and addressing a range of common ailments. Of course, you can always call us at The Original Red Light Therapy Company if you need any advice.

“I’ve have been using the Red-Light Therapy torch for years now and it will always be in my tool kit. I have used it on several different horses with colic with great success. It has saved me so many vet bills! Use it on my dogs and poddy calves too – for anything and everything. It costs nothing to try! Also for back & neck pain on myself with great results. Always loaning out my torch to friends to try on various ailments!”

Lynette Dollard

Red Light Therapy provides temporary relief if pain persists check with your primary health practitioner. As the method of application in using the light is out of The Original Red Light Therapy Company's control no Liability is accepted for any treatment effects after use of the Torch. NO warranty is given or implied as towards the effectiveness or otherwise of the formulae offered.