The Original McLaren Red Light Torch People Kit




The Original McLaren Red Light Torch People Kit, including book Simple Health Maintenance  by Dr Dean Richards

For Individuals, Families & Professionals, based on the principles of Acupressure and Acupuncture. Some of the conditions able to be Addressed are: Headaches, Back, Knees, Sciatica, Neck & Shoulders & Viral Infections & many more.

The Original McLaren Red Light Torch is a pocket sized torch with a single light setting. It is exceptionally robust, both dust and water proof, is Australian made, and comes with a 5 year guarantee. This reliable small torch can also be purchased as part of our dog and people kits which include treatment plans to ensure the maximum benefit from your red light therapy.

Made in Australia.


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Red Light Therapy provides temporary relief if pain persists check with your primary health practitioner. As the method of application in using the light is out of The Original Red Light Therapy Company's control no Liability is accepted for any treatment effects after use of the Torch. NO warranty is given or implied as towards the effectiveness or otherwise of the formulae offered.