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Red Light Therapy for people

Red Light Therapy is a natural, non invasive, complimentary therapy that can help to reduce inflammation and pain in skin, muscle and other tissues. It has also been used to successfully treat a number of chronic pain conditions such as neck, back, head and joint pain. Photonic red light therapy for people essentially uses a particular frequency of 660 Nm monochromatic single wave length red light, instead of needles, to stimulate traditional acupuncture points. Our treatment guide, prepared by Dr Dean Richards, provides a program of proven treatments based on the principles of acupressure and acupuncture. The anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and circulation boosting effectiveness of red light therapy in the treatment of various ailments has been supported by several scientific studies over the last decade.


assists people with the following Conditions


· Eczema & Dermatitis
· Itchy Skin
· Psoriasis
Skin General Allergic Reactions

General Conditions

· Abdominal Pain
· Arthritis in General
· Back Pain
· Constipation
· Hay Fever, Sinus ,Headache
· Migraine
· Pain in General
· Shoulder Problems
· Neck Problems
· Knee Pain including Arthritis
· Earache
· Nose Bleed
· Bruising & Abrasions

Our Unique people Diagnosis and Treatment Guide

Our Super Red Light Treatment Kit comes with a comprehensive illustrated guide prepared by Dr Dean Richards, one of Australia’s most accomplished acupunture specialists. This guide, complete with a program of proven treatments based on the principles of acupressure and acupuncture, contains detailed instructions on how to effectively treat many common ailments. Most importantly, Dr Richard’s treatment programs, ensures that you get the most effective red light therapy treatments available.

red light therapy for horses

“I can honestly say my Original Photonic Red Light has not only given me my life back after a life changing accident, but completely changed the direction I was going in. 

“After three months of Phys’o five days a week for a smashed shoulder joint and arm broken in three places my prospects were bleak with the likely hood of only get 20 to 40% use of my arm back if I was lucky.  This is when I got my first Original Photonic Red Light in 2003. After using it at home the Phys’o wanted to know what I was doing differently because the muscle fibres had start to change and softened, which had not been happening. I did not let on for a couple of weeks, then I took the Photonic Red Light in for her to look at. She was very impressed and asked if she could use it for the next week with some of her clients and being very pleased with the result went on to buy her own.  After twelve months doing five days a week of Phys’o, I was back working with horses.

“Two years after buying my first Original Photonic Red-Light Dr Brian McLaren held a 2-day workshop on the Photonic Red-Light Therapy. I knew after this weekend what I wanted to do, help as many people and animals as possible. Over the next ten years I ran many courses in North East Victoria and Southern NSW’s and studied and qualified as a Photonic Therapist under Dr McLaren.  I now work as a full time Equine Bodyworker and Therapist.

“My family and I both with our two legged and four legged friends cannot live without my wonderful Original Photonic Red-Lights.  I have worked with many different conditions from colic to broken bones and everything in between. It is still my “go to” when anything is sick or broken”.

Pam Martin

The Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Coach | Equine Photonic Red Light Therapy. Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Coach (Trained by Dr Brian McLaren) | Diploma in Equine Acupuncture | Diploma of Equine Performance Management | Certificate III in Agriculture (Horse Breeding) | Certificate IV in the Workplace Training & Assessment | Therapeutic Essential Oils | Reiki Level II | Level 1 NCAS Coach.

It would be more than 20yrs since I first heard of Photonic Therapy.

“I met a woman outside Woolworth’s, she had walked from Wallace st, and was about to walk home with her shopping. I drove her home as it was quiet a walk. Remarking on her good health she told me from being riddled with Arthritis she now was pain free by being treated with Red Light Therapy. I followed this up with my first introduction and treatment with the Red-Light Torch.

“Now coming up to my nintieth year and buying my own torch and 6 torches for my immediate family, I still receive a full treatment once or twice a year from a professional. Still walking without aides, driving my own car without glasses, and having reasonably good health”.

Joyce Locke

red light for people

red light therapy kit

The Original McLaren Red Light Torch People Kit

Including book Simple Health Maintenance  by Dr Dean Richards is for individuals, families & professionals. The Original McLaren Red Light Torch is a pocket sized torch with a single light setting. It is exceptionally robust, both dust and water proof, is Australian made, and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

red light therapy

backed by science
Applied Photonic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Applied Photonic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Authors : Wood, T.R., McLaren, B.C. Abstract There can be no question that specific systemic physiological results occur, when red light (660nm) is applied to the skin, it is now more a question of detailed mechanisms.  Before gathering statistically significant...

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION of red light therapy

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION of red light therapy

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION   What are you doing? I’m supporting the healing of an injury by stimulating known acupuncture points with red light. How does that support healing? The explanation will draw together a range of scientific principles from the disciplines of...

PHOTONIC ACUPUNCTURE – A Model To Explain Acupuncture

PHOTONIC ACUPUNCTURE – A Model To Explain Acupuncture

  A Model To Explain Acupuncture, From Phylogenesis To The Multiplicity Of Methodologies And Results   by  DR BRIAN McLAREN, B.V.Sc., Q.D.A.H., C.Ac.,(IVAS) Grad.Dip.Acup., M.App.Sc ABSTRACT Photonic Acupuncture is the application of monochromatic light to...

Red Light Therapy provides temporary relief if pain persists check with your primary health practitioner. As the method of application in using the light is out of The Original Red Light Therapy Company's control no Liability is accepted for any treatment effects after use of the Torch. NO warranty is given or implied as towards the effectiveness or otherwise of the formulae offered.