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Red Light Therapy for Horses

McLaren Method Red Light Therapy is an effective, complimentary tool which can be safely used by horse owners, without specialised training, to treat a variety of common ailments. Developed by accomplished veterinarian Dr Brian McLaren in the 1990’s, photonic red light therapy for horses essentially uses a particular frequency of 660 Nm monochromatic single wave length red light, instead of needles, to stimulate traditional acupuncture points. The ‘McLaren Method’ provides owners with the instructions and practical techniques to maintain their horses as well as address numerous specific issues. Red Light Therapy for horses has been widely acclaimed by vets, horse therapists and owners over the last two decades and its efficacy has been supported by clinical scientific studies also.


assists HORSES with the following Conditions


· Calming
· Colic
· Stop Bleeding


· Hives
· Itchy Skin
· Excess Sweating
· Lack of Sweating (Anhidrosis)
· Cushing’s Disease

General Conditions

· Anxiety or Nervousness
· Arthritis
· Diarrhoea or Scouring
· Equine Viral Diseases
· Exercise Induced Pulmonary Bleeding
· Eye Disorders
· Performance Maximization
· Performance Stress Recovery
· Stomach Ulcers
· Tetanus
· Tying Up(Azoturia)
· Scars
· Wind Sucking (Cribbing)
· Wound Healing
· Urinary Problems

Fertility & Breeding

· Cystic Ovaries or Ovarian Colic
· Lactation Increase
· Lactation Reduction at Weaning
· Induction of Labour
· Increase fertility in both sexes
· Neo-natal Constipation in foals
· Prolapsed Uterus
· Retained Placenta

Body Areas

· Neck & Wobbler Syndrome
· Shoulders & Foreleg
· Knock Knees in foals
· Back
· Croup & Rump (Sacroiliac) injury
· Rotated Pelvis
· Hip Joint or Articulation
· Stifle
· Hocks
· Tendon Sprains
· Hoof Disorders
· Laminitis
· Navicular Disease

Unique Horse Diagnosis and Treatment Guide

Our Horse Treatment Pack comes with a totally unique ‘McLaren Method’ diagnosis and treatment guide. This guide contains detailed instructions on how to effectively treat up to 40 different common ailments. These instructions can be printed for use in the stable or for when at events. Most importantly, they ensure your horse gets the most effective red light therapy for horses possible.

red light therapy for horses

The McLaren Interactive Treatment Guide

The McLaren Interactive Treatment Guide

The McLaren Interactive Treatment Guide

The McLaren Interactive Treatment Guide

The McLaren Interactive Treatment Guide

interactive guide

Also included within our ‘McLaren Method’ Treatment Guide is a fantastic interactive presentation detailing the conformation, skeletal and muscular systems of your horse. It also details standard points and meridian points which can be clicked on for detailed explanations and treatment points for various ailments. This amazing tool ensures the most accurate and effective red light therapy for your horse.

This guide also includes the ‘Science of Laminitis & Navicular Disease’.

treating Large areas with the super torch

The specific larger areas that the Super Torch can address are the Hindquarters, Shoulders, and Neck, as shown in the diagram. The super torch window area for addressing any problems is approximately 43 cm with three power settings, 10 LEDs @ 660 nm, the power output on low power @ 350 mW per 43cm, on medium power 1750 mW per 43cm, and on high power 3550 mW per 43cm.

The torch comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries and a recharger kit. No need to turn the torch on and off when using as there is an inbuilt safety mechanism to turn the unit off if, by any chance, it may overheat.

Apply The Super Torch flat on reactive area to be addressed.


red light therapy for horses

Red Light Therapy For horses Is Easy to Learn & Easy to Use

Assessing and treating your horse utilising the ‘McLaren Method’ is not difficult. Just follow the simple steps below and if you are unsure of the reaction your horse is making, or you just need some advice then please give us a call. We are always happy to help.

step 1

Watch the video and review all of the health formulas contained on the USB prior to addressing your horse. It is a good idea to print any relevant pages so that you can refer to them in the stable, or wherever you are treating your horse.

step 2

Create a quiet environment for your horse so as to minimise potential distractions. If possible, have someone holding the horse for you, or alternately tie the horse loosely so they can indicate to you the areas that need addressing, as you touch sensitive areas with the probe.

step 3

Work with your horse in short sleeves, or sleeves rolled up, so that you are connected with the horse’s magnetic field at all times. It is crucial that you always have your arm on the horse so that they will not kick or bite. You may find that they will nibble your shirt when you touch a sore spot but they will rarely bite.

step 4

If you are treating a pre-existing condition…
go straight to Step 5

If you are conducting a review of your entire horse using the McLaren Method…    work your way through the 13 assessment points highlighted on the McLaren Method USB, making note of the places that the horse makes  significant reactions – showing obvious sensitivity.

Always treat the 12 essential points highlighted on the McLaren USB every time you treat your dog,  treat where your thumbs were when the dog reacted or any other areas that your dog reacts, making notes of  noticeable sensitivity; it is the regularity with which you treat over 3 to 4 weeks that is important.

step 5

Refer to your McLaren Method USB to make sure that you will be accurately targeting the correct acupuncture point for the ailment you are treating. Then, use your red light torch on the surface of the horse, holding the light on the desired spot for approximately 10 seconds. Follow up again every 2 days until the ailment is cured.



“I’ve been using the photonic torch for several years and have had great results from our horses as they have responded quickly to treatments.  When we are competing, I like to give them a standard treatment weekly or more if the individual needs it. Our horses have shown a real liking to receiving treatments as they become more relaxed due to the increase in circulation flow. The torch is easy to operate as all my family members can use it to treat themselves or others. I highly recommend the photonic torch as it provides great results with little difficulty required for operation.”

Kristina Plant


“I’ve have been using the Red Light Therapy torch for years now and it will always be in my tool kit.

“I have used it on several different horses with colic with great success. It has saved me so many vet bills. Use it on my dogs and poddy calves too – for anything and everything. It costs nothing to try!

“Also for back & neck pain on myself with great results. Always loaning out my torch to friends to try on various ailments”.

Lynette Dollard

“I was called out to do some Photonic Red-Light sessions on a 4-year-old Warmblood mare with an infection in the Lymphatic system; one hind leg has broken out in the hock joint up to her udder in which you could see right through to the bone,

“She has been on massive amounts of antibiotic, and the Vets were running out of options. This Lady rang in the hope I could help her mare.  I did three sessions of Photonic Red Light a week apart, along with the treatments from the Vets.  This turned the infection around; I did two more sessions a month apart on the mare that has now fully recovered”.

Pam Martin

The Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Coach | Equine Photonic Red Light Therapy. Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Coach (Trained by Dr Brian McLaren) | Diploma in Equine Acupuncture | Diploma of Equine Performance Management | Certificate III in Agriculture (Horse Breeding) | Certificate IV in the Workplace Training & Assessment | Therapeutic Essential Oils | Reiki Level II | Level 1 NCAS Coach.

buy red light therapy for horses kits

red light therapy for horses

small Super Red Light Horse Kit

With a strong, light weight, aluminium housing our “Small Super Torch” has 3 light power settings (100mW, 250mW, 500mW), a diagnosis pen and comes in a convenient carry case. It also includes a USB containing the McLaren Method treatment plans for 40 different horse ailments. It is dust proof, water resistant, Australia made, and has a 5 year guarantee.

red light therapy kit

 Super Red Light Horse Kit

Developed to address the larger areas on animals our strong, aluminium “Super Torch” has a 43cm window area, 10 LEDs and 3 power settings. This torch comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries and a recharger kit, all housed in a sturdy protective carry case. It is dust proof, water resistant, Australian made and comes with a 5 year warranty.

red light therapy

backed by science
Applied Photonic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Applied Photonic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Authors : Wood, T.R., McLaren, B.C. Abstract There can be no question that specific systemic physiological results occur, when red light (660nm) is applied to the skin, it is now more a question of detailed mechanisms.  Before gathering statistically significant...

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION of red light therapy

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION of red light therapy

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION   What are you doing? I’m supporting the healing of an injury by stimulating known acupuncture points with red light. How does that support healing? The explanation will draw together a range of scientific principles from the disciplines of...

PHOTONIC ACUPUNCTURE – A Model To Explain Acupuncture

PHOTONIC ACUPUNCTURE – A Model To Explain Acupuncture

  A Model To Explain Acupuncture, From Phylogenesis To The Multiplicity Of Methodologies And Results   by  DR BRIAN McLAREN, B.V.Sc., Q.D.A.H., C.Ac.,(IVAS) Grad.Dip.Acup., M.App.Sc ABSTRACT Photonic Acupuncture is the application of monochromatic light to...

Red Light Therapy provides temporary relief if pain persists check with your primary health practitioner. As the method of application in using the light is out of The Original Red Light Therapy Company's control no Liability is accepted for any treatment effects after use of the Torch. NO warranty is given or implied as towards the effectiveness or otherwise of the formulae offered.