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Photonic Therapy – how does it work?

Photonic Therapy is a natural therapy, which when used correctly, promotes the body’s own healing and immune responses.

Put simply, Red Light Therapy is a scientifically advanced form of acupuncture, using red light instead of needles, to stimulate recognised acupuncture points, promoting healing by altering the electrical field potential in the skin.

The red light’s energy, known as photons, are changed into electrical energy by the connective tissue under our skin and this electrical energy is transmitted to the brain by our nervous system.

Stimulating specific combinations of points on the skin causes the brain to release particular hormones and additional chemical substances which relieve pain, increase immune response and promote healing.

Importantly, red light therapy is safe, gentle and easy to use at home by following simple instructions.

the original Red Light Therapy company

Previously known as Wozen Photonic Therapy, The Original Red Light Therapy Company is owned by Trevor and Laura Wozencroft, who have been working in the equine industry for more than 30 years.

They have developed a deep knowledge of natural therapies and a total commitment to helping others in the management of their animal’s health and wellbeing.

Their introduction to Red Light Therapy started more than 20 years ago, almost by chance. Managers of a Limousin Stud on the Darling Downs, Trevor called Allora Vet Dr Brian McLaren out to treat a horse. Having noticed that Trevor was limping, Dr McLaren offered to treat Trevor’s sprained ankle with a single wave length red light that he had developed.

Photonic Therapy
Wozen Photonic Therapy

The rate of improvement in Trevor’s ankle was almost instantaneous and astounded him to such an extent that Trevor determined to learn more.

Trevor trained with Dr Brian McLaren over several years to become one of Australia’s most highly accredited Red Light Therapists, achieving a Level 3 in Photonic Therapy.

Aside from their reputation in the field of equine therapy and obvious expertise in photonic red light therapy, Trevor and Laura have owned and managed businesses in the dairy, beef, stud cattle, feed and livestock nutrition industries. They also manage the Equifeast Equine Supplement brand in Australia.

The Original Red Light Therapy Company sell Australian made equipment manufactured to the highest standard in the same factory used by Dr McLaren in the 1990’s.

Most importantly, their products are complimented by an unparalleled level of technical and therapeutic advice which is offered freely 7 days a week.

Furthermore, their Horse and Dog Treatment Information available in their kits provides customers with the precise methodology required to obtain the optimum treatment outcomes for their animals to keep them in optimum heath.


Photonic Therapy (level 3)  |  Diploma of Equine Acupuncture  |  Diploma of Equine Performance Management  |  Certificate 3 in Agriculture (Horse Breeding)


Red Light Therapy Australia

assists Horses with the following Conditions


· Calming
· Colic
· Stop Bleeding


· Hives
· Itchy Skin
· Excess Sweating
· Lack of Sweating (Anhydrosis)
· Cushing’s Disease

General Conditions

· Anxiety or Nervousness
· Arthritis
· Diarrhoea or Scouring
· Equine Viral Diseases
· Exercise Induced Pulmonary Bleeding
· Eye Disorders
· Performance Maximization
· Performance Stress Recovery
· Stomach Ulcers
· Tetanus
· Tying Up(Azoturia)
· Scars
· Wind Sucking (Cribbing)
· Wound Healing
· Urinary Problems

Fertility & Breeding

· Cystic Ovaries or Ovarian Colic
· Lactation Increase
· Lactation Reduction at Weaning
· Induction of Labour
· Increase fertility in both sexes
· Neo-natal Constipation in foals
· Prolapsed Uterus
· Retained Placenta

Body Areas

· Neck & Wobbler Syndrome
· Shoulders & Foreleg
· Knock Knees in foals
· Back
· Croup & Rump (Sacroiliac) injury
· Rotated Pelvis
· Hip Joint or Articulation
· Stifle
· Hocks
· Tendon Sprains
· Hoof Disorders
· Laminitis
· Navicular Disease


“I use Photonic Therapy Red Lights every day in my professional business as an Equine Therapist. These Red Lights are of the highest quality, easy to use with excellent support and back up. I have seen many other Photonic Lights, but none of these come anywhere near Trevor and Laura’s. The only Photonic Red Light made and developed in Australia on the market  Well done on a super product”.

Pam Martin

The Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Coach | Equine Photonic Red Light Therapy. Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Coach (Trained by Dr Brian McLaren) | Diploma in Equine Acupuncture | Diploma of Equine Performance Management | Certificate III in Agriculture (Horse Breeding) | Certificate IV in the Workplace Training & Assessment | Therapeutic Essential Oils | Reiki Level II | Level 1 NCAS Coach.

Trevor and Laura have not only provided outstanding service on their various products but have always facilitated training and helped us gain a better understanding of ourselves and our animals.

“The ability to reduce inflammation, bruising, reduce pain from wasp stings, headaches, severity of cold/flu and many more too numerous to mention. We have several red lights and they are kept near our first aid supplies and with our travelling vet box as the first option to treat most conditions.

“In addition to treating specific conditions the general treatment procedure on the ‘standard points’ has always been a great boost to general wellbeing on animals and ourselves.”

Hugh Barnet

Ag Consultant | Stock Horse Breeder | Grazier

“I have tried every body therapy available for my horses and my clients’ horses. I am convinced that the Original Red-Light Therapy (Dr McLaren), with it’s brilliant mix of ancient wisdom and modern technology is the ultimate holistic body therapy and combined with herbal treatments is even more powerful.” 

Victoria Ferguson

Dip. Herb.Med. Equine Herbalist

red light therapy

backed by science
Applied Photonic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Applied Photonic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Authors : Wood, T.R., McLaren, B.C. Abstract There can be no question that specific systemic physiological results occur, when red light (660nm) is applied to the skin, it is now more a question of detailed mechanisms.  Before gathering statistically significant...

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION of red light therapy

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION of red light therapy

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION   What are you doing? I’m supporting the healing of an injury by stimulating known acupuncture points with red light. How does that support healing? The explanation will draw together a range of scientific principles from the disciplines of...

PHOTONIC ACUPUNCTURE – A Model To Explain Acupuncture

PHOTONIC ACUPUNCTURE – A Model To Explain Acupuncture

  A Model To Explain Acupuncture, From Phylogenesis To The Multiplicity Of Methodologies And Results   by  DR BRIAN McLAREN, B.V.Sc., Q.D.A.H., C.Ac.,(IVAS) Grad.Dip.Acup., M.App.Sc ABSTRACT Photonic Acupuncture is the application of monochromatic light to...

Red Light Therapy provides temporary relief if pain persists check with your primary health practitioner. As the method of application in using the light is out of The Original Red Light Therapy Company's control no Liability is accepted for any treatment effects after use of the Torch. NO warranty is given or implied as towards the effectiveness or otherwise of the formulae offered.